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I’ve Moved!

Some of you know this already… but I’ve switched blogs!

After having problems here for the past month with not being able to access this blog, people not being able to comment, not being able to post, etc., I decided it was time to move on.

I went with this site in the first place, because I could get the blog name I wanted- Just Ducky. It was already taken on Blogspot and WordPress, so I thought this would be a good alternative. I was wrong.

My apologies to everyone who has had trouble with it!

You can follow me here now.

Resolutions: May

Before I get into this months resolutions, I’d like to say a big thank you to everyone who has told me about a glitch in my blog. In my last post, I kind of complained a little bit about the lack of comments on my blog. I had several people email/text/tell me that that have tried to comment… but that every time they do, an error message comes up, telling them to ‘slow down’, that they’re ‘posting comments to fast’. This blog domain has brought a lot of frustration in the past few months with all its glitches, but hopefully the comments will be back up and working soon!

In the mean time, thank you to everyone for your encouraging words these past few days!

And now… on to May’s resolutions!

Photo Resizing
This was actually one of last month’s goals. My blog has a limited amount of free storage space, and I’ve almost maxed it out because I post high resolution photos. (this photography/blogging thing is definitely a learning process!) I need to go through and resize every image on my blog to make more space for new photos.

Computer Backup
Again, another one of last month’s goals. This one is pretty self explanatory.

Read Acts and Romans
I failed to complete my Bible reading goal last month. Let’s do better this month, Karen!

I’d like to do some sewing this month. Not a lot. I’d be very happy if I could get some alterations done. My goal for this month is to sew (or alter) two things.

Two Books
Repeat goal! I haven’t been very good with this one, which surprised me. I’m usually a pretty avid reader. Hopefully this month will prove it.

Enjoy a Healthier Lifestyle
This goal is pretty vague, I suppose, but it’s exactly what I want to do. Live a healthier life, and enjoy it!

Linking up with Kelli at She Learns as She Goes!

Until next time, friends, and Happy May!

April Recap

I’ve definitely been dreading writing this post… for a few reasons.

Firstly, this blog has become such a disappointment this month. I honestly hate saying that. But it has. I feel like I have spent countless hours on my computer editing photos… a lot of them have been personal, but to be honest, unless I’m blogging them, I don’t edit photos until I go to print them. So… I blog for myself, but at the same time, I blog for my readers as well. There’s so much work that goes into blogging… the editing, the writing… and then, after all the work, there’s no feedback. I can see that people view my blog, but I have no idea who. I don’t know if they like what they read… if they’re interested at all. Or if they’d rather be seeing something else.

I remember a time I used to get comments everyday. 5, 10, 15 comments a day. I loved it. I loved hearing what my readers thought about my photos, about my writing… their thoughts, suggestions, encouragement… I loved it. And now… nothing.

I’m not complaining. Okay… actually I am. But can you blame me?

Anyway, that’s reason number one that I’ve been dreading this post.

Reason number two?

My blog hasn’t exactly been cooperative lately. Not sure why… I’m no expert on websites. But I haven’t been able to post anything. It finally got back up and running today.

Reason number three?

I didn’t actually complete any of my goals this month. I completely, totally failed. I started off doing great, but by the middle of the month, I got so busy that I didn’t have time to focus on goals.

And now…. for April’s recap.

No Soda
I did preeetttyy good on this one. I only had a little soda this month. I had a few moments of weakness. But for the most part, I did good. But right now, my broken out face is definitely telling the world I had soda.

Again, preeetttyy good, but I didn’t get a full 30 minutes in four times a week. Not quite.

Read Ezekiel
I didn’t get all the way through the book. I’m embarrassed to say this, but I think it was hard to sit and read it because it was so hard for me to understand. I did get partially through, but not all the way.

Two Books
Gosh, I thought this would be the easiest one. I thought I’d get at least 3 books read, actually. Ha!

I did really well this this, and I would have gotten through it all, had I not had other shoots come up.

Photo Resizing
Nope. Not a one.

Computer Backup
Nope. Didn’t even start this.

I have reasons why I didn’t complete my goals. Really, I do. They’re called…. my mother went out of town and I was in charge of house and kids.  And also, I went out of town for a week. (I’m still out of town as I write this.)

I have one small accomplishment this month (besides running a house by myself) and that is a goal I didn’t complete last month. Alterations! I altered three things this month! A skirt for Jackie and two for myself. Maybe that helps redeem my failure this month? Maybe?

Linking up with Kelli at She Learns as She Goes.

Until next time, friends.

Karate Testing

Last week, our karate guy did his orange belt testing and moved up to a yellow belt. Super proud of this little man!

I sneaked into the pictures too.

Master Jessie called him up to help with the younger class’ testing. Super proud sister moment.

Then it was his turn for testing.

All finished testing! He passed!

And Dad texted me a few pictures from his actual ceremony.

With Master Jessie

With Sifu Chris

And with the class. He’s the fourth from the left on the bottom row, right in front of Master Jessie.

So proud of this little guy! He’s worked hard.

Until next time, friends!

A Ninja Party

Almost two months ago (yes, I’m a terrible blogger, don’t judge me.) we celebrated Davy’s eighth birthday! February was a pretty busy month for us, so we didn’t start planning in until maybe two weeks before…. including sending invitations out, but I think we pulled it off pretty well!

Here’s some pictures from the day of the party.

….and a screenshot of the invitation I designed, ’cause I really loved how it turned out.

Aaaand now for some decorations.

I loved how this turned out. Many thanks to Mom and Jackie for all their cutting and gluing!

I loved these Chinese fans we found….

Mom and Jonathan made the weapons of Spinjutzu out of cardboard, foam, duct tape, and gold spray paint. They turned out so good! Davy and his friends loved them…. (maybe a little too much.)

I let Davy pick out the birthday cake he wanted…. and of course he picked the hardest one to do. It took several hours to decorate (mostly because I refused to use fondant) but the way his eyes lit up when he saw it finished made all the work worth it.

Joey and Billy (black belts from Davy’s karate class) surprised Davy by coming and giving a little demonstration for all the kids. (forget the kids though, I think I was more impressed than they were.)

Davy and Joey got to play around for a bit.

Love Joey’s face here.

They let Davy break a couple boards…

And then lined the kids up…

And Joey jumped over the kids, broke the board with a kick, and then landed safely on the ground.

No children were harmed in the making of this photograph.

Jonny didn’t want to smile, but Billy managed to get a grin out of him.

Love these next few pictures.

Time for supper and then cake and ice cream! Davy requested Chinese for supper, so we had a big feast of sweet and sour chicken, rice, lettuce wraps, and spring rolls. And some rice krispie treat ‘sushi’. I wish I had remembered to take a picture of it.

Next, a ninja quest! (basically a glorified treasure hunt, but shh. don’t tell the boys that.)

Their first scroll read-
Greetings, Ninjas.
Each one of you has been carefully chosen to take part in a very important quest.
To complete this quest, you must complete several tasks in order, and to the best of your ability.
Failure is not an option.
The most important thing to remember during this quest is that you must follow your instructions exactly.
Your first task is to learn your ninja names.
Good luck to each of you.

I handed them all a pencil and paper with a chart for finding their ninja names.

Plenty of giggles went along with this first part of their quest.

Once they had all found their crazy sounding ninja names, they were handed another scroll.

This one read-
Greetings, Ninjas, and congratulations.
You now know your ninja names.
Your next task is to design and decorate your shuriken and then participate in a throwing contest.
You will find your supplies in a blue box.
Good luck to each of you.

They finally got to open the blue lego box that had been sitting so curiously on the table!

Their next scroll-
Well done, Ninjas.
Your next task is to help the Sensei with his beard.
In simple terms, you’re going to play a game of Pin the Beard on Sensei Wu.
Good luck to each of you.

I didn’t get good pictures of this one… I was busy making sure they weren’t taping beards on each other instead of the poster.

Once they were finished with the game, they got another scroll.

Greetings, Ninjas.
You will soon be finished with your quest. Only two tasks remain.
Your next task is to learn to use the 5 golden weapons of Spinjitzu.
You are not, under any circumstances, allowed to practice with the weapons on your fellow ninjas. Balloons have been provided for practice.
Good luck to each of you.

It’s safe to say that this ‘task’ was pretty chaotic. TO SAY THE LEAST. Joey stepped in and really helped out with this one… he was awesome. And he’s coming to every birthday party I ever do whether he likes it or not… er… let’s just stick with ‘he was awesome’. That sounded slightly less creepy.

Time for their last ‘task’….

Congratulations, Ninjas.
This is the last task you must complete to finish your quest.
Unfortunately, it is also the most difficult.
You must defeat the evil Garmadon and claim his hidden treasure as your own.
Good luck to each of you.

Garmadon (the bad guy in Ninjago) was on the pinata… the boys just thought that was too cool.

Time for presents!

And one last photo… he was so excited about his new wetsuit!

Until next time, friends!